If You’re Taking an Over-The-Counter Oral Antihistamine | Nasacort®

Taking Claritin® or Zyrtec®?

Maybe it's time for a change.

Stop more of what makes you miserable.

Nasacort blocks more of the chemical responses that can cause nasal allergy symptoms than antihistamines, and
unlike some OTC nasal allergy sprays, it is scent- and alcohol-free.

Nasacort is no ordinary nasal spray. It’s a specially formulated anti-inflammatory that stops more of what makes you miserable by blocking more of the body’s chemical responses that can cause nasal allergy symptoms than antihistamines.

And that means it offers a different approach to nasal allergy relief than OTC decongestant sprays or allergy pills like oral antihistamines.

We go the distance.

Get 24-hour full prescription relief.

Nasal allergies, including congestion, can hit you any time during the day or night. That's why you need a nasal allergy treatment that works for a full 24 hours.

Providing an entire day’s relief of the worst nasal allergy symptoms, even congestion.

Allergy medicine not working?

There could be a scientific explanation.

Oral antihistamines target a part of your body’s chemical response to allergens: histamine. But unlike antihistamines, Nasacort takes a different approach by targeting more of what makes you miserable, including:

What to take for your nasal allergies? Here's a fresh take.

Nothing is more effective for the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms.

No antihistamine is as effective at treating nasal allergy symptoms than Nasacort Allergy 24HR. Compare for yourself.

Claritin Zyrtec
Most effective class of medicine for the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms
Stops multiple chemical responses that can cause nasal allergy symptoms
Relieves nasal congestion
Powerful anti-inflammatory
Relieves sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose
24 HR relief *
No drowsiness warnings
Treats indoor and outdoor allergies

*Some symptoms may get better on the first day of treatment. It may take up to one week of daily use to feel the most symptom relief.

Among OTC branded single active ingredient antihistamines.

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Nasacort 24 bottle

Powerful, yet gentle.

Its fine, gentle mist is safe to use
every day.**

  • Works a full 24 hours

  • Relieves: nasal congestion, sneezing,
    runny nose, and itchy nose

  • Scent-free

  • Alcohol-free

  • No drowsiness warnings

  • Stays where it’s sprayed

Nasacort FAQs

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**Use only as directed. Read product label for complete dosing instructions and warnings.